PUMA introduce evoSPEED Fresh 2.0 in new colours


Written by Mathias

PUMA evoSPEED Fresh boots always come in pairs of two and that is also the case with this 2017 drop of the unique boots. Following up on the April launch, the Leaping Cat today present a new colourway for the breeziest boot about.

At least in Denmark, where Unisport have our main offices, these last few days have been the first days of the year that summer has really felt close. The timing from PUMA therefore couldn’t better, as they release another colourway for their 2.0 version of the evoSPEED Fresh football boots. Bringing another burst of colour to the boots made to combat the hot summer months, where your feet sometimes get overheated and really uncomfortable as a result.

The PUMA evoSPEED Fresh 2.0 football boots are made with a mesh material upper, which is covered with a very special coating that actually allows heat to escape the boot, but still keeps rain and water out. This ultra-breathable combination means that the temperature inside the boots is kept low, even when playing in the middle of summer, and you can therefore focus entirely on your performance and not have to deal with feet that feel like they are going to explode.

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In addition to helping your feet breathe, the upper is just also a super thin synthetic that provides you with a very close touch on the ball. It also means the weight of the boot is incredibly low, with the PUMA evoSPEED Fresh 2.0 clocking in at just 121 gram, which is almost as low as the regular evoSPEED SL. So if you’re one of the many players, who always has trouble in the summer with overheating feet and you’re on the lookout for a fast boot, then this definitely has our vote.

You can secure your pair of PUMA evoSPEED Fresh 2.0 right here on unisportstore.com