New colours for the PUMA evoPOWER 1 Dot


Written by Katrine Abel

PUMA have remained the same dotted innovation and simply added a dash of fresh colour in their new orange colorway.

A few months back, PUMA launched their new evoPOWER Vigor 1, that a lot of us have come to love. Since then they have launched a new modified addition to the evoPOWER silo. The evoPOWER 3D Dot have an innovative upper construction, that has provided the boots with even more accuracy and the same amount of power.

The new evoPOWER 3D Dot have all the same features as the evoPOWER 3D Dot Blue but they come in a much more light and fresh colourway.
The upper is made from the same stretchable AdapLite material which allows your feet full flexibility to follow the ball. This gives you a barefoot experience and control that is absolutely amazing.

The evoPOWER 3D Dot are available right here

The evoPOWER 3D Dot are revolutionary because of its AccuFoam technology on the upper of the boot. The dots on both the inside and outside of the boots are made from the AccuFoam, and this feature increases your control and connection with the ball even further. Your foot receives more signals when handling the ball, and this gives you an increased accuracy.
The combination of the 3D-technology and the power of the original evoPOWER makes an outstanding football boot.