Uhlsport release the Eliminator Speed Up Now


Written by Katrine Abel

A few months back, a range of the Uhlsport goalkeeper gloves were launched in the Unlimited Pack. Now Uhlsport want to speed up things, and have just launched their new Eliminator Speed Up Now Pack.

In reality, nothing has changed except for the look of these gloves. They are still the same standard as all other Uhlsport goalkeeper gloves, and Uhlsport have transferred all the same features from the Unlimited Pack into the Speed Up Now Pack, but they have re-designed the gloves. Uhlsport still allow you to choose between many different kinds of latex, four different kinds of cut, and obviously you decide for yourself whether you prefer fingersave or not.

Supergrip or Absolutgrip?

You may have noticed that some of Uhlsport’s professional goalkeepers wear gloves with a spotted latex while others wear gloves with a clean latex. The spotted latex is called Supergrip, and it is Uhlsport’s finest and most expensive latex. Some goalkeepers, however, seem to prefer the clean latex without the spots. This latex is called Absolutgrip, and it is the same latex as the Supergrip, only without the added high grip elements. No matter if you choose the Supergrip or Absolutgrip in the Speed Up Now pack, you can combine the latex with either the Half Negative, Fingersurround and Flat Cut.

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Great gloves for all levels

No matter what your goalkeeper ambitions are, you can find the perfect gloves to match that ambition in the Uhlsport SpeedUpNow Pack. For instance, goalkeeper gloves with Uhlsport’s Soft latex are excellent for beginners and junior players, while the Super Soft is a solid choice for ambitious beginners and advanced goalkeepers. The Absolutgrip and Supergrip are sublime choices for elite and pro goalkeepers. The Uhlsport Eliminator Speed Up Now Pack gives you the chance to choose your perfect gloves so hurry up and preorder your pair now, and get equipped for a new season.

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