Sells introduce Elite Aqua Campione


Written by Katrine Abel

Sells are now ready to introduce 4 new extraordinary goalkeeper gloves in the new Elite Aqua Campione series.

For several years, Sells have provided goalkeepers worldwide with great Sells goalkeeper gloves. Though the competition has increased drastically lately, Sells still keep up by renewing their design and improving their technologies on a regular basis. Elite Aqua Campione is a great example of the way in which Sells constantly strive to improve their product. In the Elite Aqua Campione "Pack", you'll find 4 different silos of Sells goalkeeper gloves that allow you to choose between gloves with Flat Cut, Negative Cut, Roll Finger and a special Hybrid Cut.

Four impressive silos

Total Contact, Wrap, Axis 360 and Silhouette. These are the names of the four silos, and although they sound different, they are more or less the same. The biggest difference is the cut that the gloves are equipped with.

Total Contact: Hybrid Cut
Wrap: Roll Finger Cut
Axis 360: Flat Cut
Silhouette: Negative Cut

The four almost identical silos ensure that no matter which cut you choose you get an outstanding goalkeeper glove with all of Sells' most revolutionary features.

Want help to choose the right cut? Read this guide and learn everything you need to know about glove cuts.

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As mentioned, Sells goalkeeper gloves from the Elite Aqua Campione pack have an impressive range of features.
All 4 silos are equipped with a 4mm Sells' Adhesion Ultra Supreme latex palm, and underneath that, the gloves have 5mm of memory foam for a great personal fit and absorption when catching and landing. The Ultra Supreme latex is remarkably good in wet conditions. So good in fact, that Sells have categorised the latex as an Aqua Grip latex, however the grip is just as outstanding in dry conditions.
The backhand has an Outlast Eclair mesh that provides a thermo-regulating glove that ensures your hand never becomes too hot or too cold. Also, the backhand is provided with a punch zone just as most other goalkeeper gloves. This punch zone is made from a very interesting material called d30. This material is soft and bendable until you punch the ball. When the material meets the ball, it hardens and adds terrific protection and power to the hand.

Compared to the Competition Pack from Sells, the Campione Pack is even more comfortable and the fit on your hand is improved. As always Sells deliver great gloves - only this time they're a little greater.

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