adidas launch ACE Trans Pro 2-Face Limited Edition | Embrace the craziness


Written by Katrine

adidas are busy at the moment launching the new ACE Trans Pro in various colourways and designs. The latest, and in my opinion the most bold, design is the one of the ACE Trans Pro 2-Face which have just been launched as a Limited Edition.

If you're a goalkeeper, you've probably been referred to as crazy a handful of times or more. And if you think about it, it actually isn't too strange that people believe we goalkeepers are out of our minds. Because we are a little crazy, aren't we? We take a ball to the head on a daily basis. We jump around on the pitch regardless of if its the softest grass or the hardest turf. We dive head first to tackle with our hands and we'd overcome any obstacle to reach the ball before the opponent regardless of the cost. That is kind of crazy.

On the other hand, goalkeepers are sane, reliable team players, and they are crucial to any team. You might say that most goalkeepers have two roles. Two faces, and that's exactly what the new ACE Trans Pro symbolise. The right hand glove has a very neat easy-going design combining blue and white. The left hand glove, though! It has a crazy design symbolising all the craziness goalkeepers carry.

Although more or less all adidas goalkeeper gloves are amazing - the ACE Trans Pro 2-Face Limited Edition is my absolute favourite launch - for a bold design and for telling an amazing story.

Preorder your pair of the ACE Trans Pro 2-Face here.