The world's biggest football boot collection


Written by Frederik Tobias Thorgny Hansen

864 pairs of football boots. That's how big JayMike's collection is. And it's a world record! Check out the video above and see the world's biggest football boot collection.

Since the beginning of Unisport, JayMike has had his hands on some pretty sick football boots. And luckily, he has stored a lot of these.

JayMike has the Nike Green Speed, the first adidas Predator from 1994, the Nike Hypervenom Phantom Transform, and a lot of other iconic boots - actually no less than 864 pairs in total!

The collection is estimated to be worth more than $210,000, and you can watch JayMike present his collection in the awesome video above.

Don’t be jealous. Here at Unisport, we offer an unbeatable collection of football boots. So here is your chance to start your own football boot collection.