PUMA ONE Grip 17.1 | Goalkeeper news from PUMA


Written by Katrine Abel

PUMA have really improved their goalkeeper gloves over the years. The new PUMA ONE Grip 17.1 is probably the most exciting goalkeeper glove from PUMA so far, as they are equipped with exciting technologies and an outstanding grip.

The PUMA ONE 17.1 is PUMA's new all in ONE boot. The boot is designed to offer you fit, speed and touch - combined in one single boot. And that might get you thinking: Can PUMA make an all in one glove? A glove that provides an excellent grip, a great durability, protection and power while remaining light and flexible?

This might seem like a lot to ask for, nevertheless it is exactly what PUMA offer in the new PUMA ONE Grip 17.1. The gloves are equipped with a brand new cut, an exquisite latex and an outstanding fit - not to mention, a stylish design. What's even more amazing is the fact that PUMA have made a full silo which allows you to choose from exciting take downs depending on your level and ambition. That way, you can decide which cut you prefer. If you want an Aqua Grip glove or if you need a less expensive training glove. The range is impressive, however, there's no doubt that the PUMA ONE Grip 17.1 wins the race.

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In many ways PUMA ONE Grip 17.1 is inspired by the evoSPEED 1.5, but with a new improved cut, a sublime fit and the finest of PUMA's glove latexes, the PUMA ONE Grip reaches new heights.
The glove is equipped with 4mm Ultimate Grip latex which is excellent in both wet and dry conditions. The new cut is called Semi Gun Cut, and it combines PUMA's Regular Cut with the Gun Cut. That way the amount of latex is increased on the fingertips, while the middle part of the fingers is equipped with the fit and and control of the Flat cut.

The back of the hand is equipped with an embossed silicon punching zone that gives you both protection and power when you punch the ball. Of course the fingers have breathable strips that allow ventilation.
In short, this new PUMA glove gives you everything you could ask for in a glove, and PUMA sure have raised the bar for goalkeeper gloves.

Get your pair of PUMA ONE Grip 17.1 here.