'We are the Arsenal' | PUMA introduces new Gunners shirt


Written by Frederik

The Arsenal 2017/18 home kit introduces a traditional and elegant look in dark red with a classic collar, and it’s an awesome addition to every Gooner’s wardrobe.

PUMA has some good news for the ones with the legendary white sleeves, the ones who always pick the cannon when they are playing Monopoly, the ones who know the real ‘Dennis the menace’ is a genius – not a cartoon, the ones who call their uncle Arsène even if his name is John, the ones who are the ‘Invincibles’ even when they are playing against mates on a Sunday, the ones who since 1919 have never known the second division, the ones who remember the 228 times Thierry Henry found the back of the net, the ones that are never wrong but always Wright, the ones riding their motorbikes with Petr Cech’s helmet, and the ones who are the 13 time winners. Oh, and I forgot, the ones who always finish 4th...

Just kidding with the last one! PUMA has presented the stunning new Arsenal home shirt for you Gooners, and it has a tight fit as always!

Continued below.

Compared to the previous PUMA Arsenal kits, the 2017/18 home shirt has a darker, ‘more historic’ shade of red than usual, which I personally think is a big improvement. The official name of the color for the Arsenal 17/18 kit is 'Chili Pepper', and the shirt is kept simple and clean.

As tradition determines, the sleeves once again are white and have a raglan cut. To round off the design, the shirt features a bold red and white classic buttoned collar.

If you like the new dark red toned Arsenal shirt as well, no matter if you’re ‘WengerOut’ or not, you can get it here at Unisport. Right here, right now.