Nike launches Tiempo Legend 7


Written by Mathias

We recently got our hands on the both covert and coveted blackout Tiempo Legend 7, which introduced the new generation, but now we can show off the real deal. Launching as a part of a forthcoming pack, here is the first Legend 7 that will be sold and worn. Proper.

Tiempo Legend 7 is another big leap forward in terms of technology for Nike’s classic kangaroo leather silo. The idea of creating a leather football and keeping it true to that heritage, while still innovating and pushing the design is a tough balance to keep, but honestly no other boot does it as well as Tiempo. The upgrade in tech from the Legend V to the Legend VI was very, very big, but impressively this new generation is an even greater evolution than its immensely popular predecessor was.

The reason for this is in great part thanks to the new incorporation of Flyknit in the boots, which means that all four Nike silos now use the technology in four different ways. On the Tiempo, which is why you are here of course, the Flyknit is part of the midfoot and encases Flywire cables that run through the upper, so you can tighten and loosen the fit to your own preference. Nike quite rightly see the fit in a football boot, as absolutely key to the boot and how the athlete experiences the performance. Also, when we write athlete, remember that in Nike’s eyes that means you too. “If you have a body, you’re an athlete.”

If you want to get your hands on the Nike Tiempo Legend 7, then you have to wait until the 13th of July. Sign up for more information on the launch here.

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To help the boot keep its shape and never overstretch, Nike has also developed the all new Fit-Mesh that sits on the inside of the Legend 7. The mesh pattern sits between the soft Flyknit inner layer and the leather upper, but is it not attached to the leather. Instead, it is like a floating lining that helps contain and stabilise your foot, so the leather doesn’t have to (see image below). A good way to describe how it works is by comparing it to a Chinese finger trap, which holds your fingers tighter and tighter, based on how much pressure you apply – Fit-mesh does the same for your feet.

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Flip the boots on their head and things look quite differently compared to the Legend 6 too, as Nike debut the Hyperstability plate. The soleplate is 60 grams lighter than the previous one and with its mixture of jagged conical studs, chevrons and bladed studs it works to give you the most precise traction pattern for movement in all directions. Lighter, harder, better, faster, stronger!

The ‘Black Platinum’ colourway was indeed a sign of things to come from Nike and so is this first colourway. It marks another new era of Tiempo and also confirms the fairly imminent launch of an all-new collection. All this in one football boot!

If you want to get your hands on the Nike Tiempo Legend 7, then you have to wait until the 13th of July. Sign up for more information on the launch here.