Exciting news from PUMA | Another evoDISC goalkeeper glove sees the light of day


Written by Katrine Abel

PUMA improve their goalkeeper gloves drastically at the moment. A few days back, the German giant revealed the new PUMA One Grip 17.1, and now they reveal the new PUMA evoDISC in a stunning design.

The new PUMA evoDISC is merely a new black colourway, and the model is the same as the february model. However, this is the first time Unisport have this amazing goalkeeper glove in stock, and we could not be more excited.
The PUMA evoDISC has a number of amazing features, and the most visible one is naturally the disc closure system. PUMA have transferred their iconic disc from their footwear and to this glove, and the result is incredible. The closing mechanism gives the glove a sublime and personal fit. Furthermore the PUMA evoDISC glove has a lot of other features that should me mentioned. For instance, the palm is extended and reaches farther down the wrist, ensuring a much larger catching area, and much fewer disturbing elements. Also the glove is equipped with a Hybrid cut combining Negative and Roll Finger Cut for the ultimate grip and control.

The evoDISC is an absolute stroke of genius from PUMA, and if you feel like trying a different but amazing goalkeeper glove, this is definitely the right choice. The glove is comfortable and protective, and it has a powerful punching zone on the back of the hand.

Hurry up and order your pair of PUMA evoDISC today.