Nike release new 4-silo pack for women


Written by Mathias

The Nike football boot collections are coming at an incredible pace these last few weeks. Showing no signs of stopping, Nike now release one for the women, as they prepare their players for the European Championship, which is only about two weeks away.

It’s officially insane how many new boots we have been introduced to from Nike recently. Interestingly, one thing they all have in common is that they all feature black as a very prominent part of their colourway. First the all-black Pure Platinum Tiempo Legend 7, followed by the Pitch Dark Pack, then the first official Tiempo Legend 7, which is part of a larger pack and now this Nike WMNS Pack. That’s 13 out of the last 13 Nike boots, which use black as a major part of their design. A trend we are happy to see continuing!

You can find all four Nike WMNS football boots right here. The Tiempo will be sold from the 10th of July.

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The timing of this pack couldn’t be better, as the 2017 European Championship is only a few weeks away. Women’s football continues to be massively on the rise and Nike’s commitment to always supply colourways made just for women, does help elevate the game by giving athletes like Kosovare Asllani and Toni Duggan unique boots to wear. The summer vibes are certainly there in abundance and once again I can’t seem to decide whether I like these or the forthcoming Nike mens pack best. It all comes down to whether you prefer orange on your boots or this wicked teal tone and I’m gonna give it to the women’s boots.

Pro tip: Nike make their male and female sizes almost identically, so if you are man and want a pair of these, then just pick your regular size and they will fit you just fine.