Written by Jakob

Mizuno have always been famous for making high-quality leather boots, and their latest Rebula Made in Japan is no exception.

Crated to perfection by the finest, most premium materials and crammed full of modern tech, it's taking over from the Mizuno Wave Ignitus to give you the perfect fit and masterful control. Put simply; if this was a car, it'd be a Rolls Royce. Or a very fancy Japanese equivalent. But you get the deal.

The new Mizuno Rebula Made in Japan has been built around the idea of a perfect fit - looking at their learnings from the evergreen Mizuno Morelia football boots, they wanted to create a boot with all the classic benetfits of leather but with none of drawbacks. Enter modern technology. The Japanese engineers at Mizuno worked tirelessly to come up with the perfect solution - the CT Frame, which is the back bone of the new boot.

It's basically designed as a foam skeleton which has been welded on to the inside of the boot - a bit like you've previously seen on the Tiempo Legend 6 and Tiempo Legend 7 and the adidas ACE17.1 Leather. But as always, Mizuno is different - cause where the foam skeleton is brought to life to improve the touch and water uptake on the Nike and adidas boots, the CT Frame is 100 pct based around the fit on the Rebula. It's formed after the natural curvature of your foot to give you an optimal fit, offer you support and stability when you move and of course, make sure that the leather can stay thin and prevent it from overstretching.

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Speaking of the leather, it's the finest kangaroo leather available to the craftsmen at Mizuno, and they've chosen the thinnest leather they've ever used - a premium leather, which has been welded more or less directly on top of the CT Frame. With a minimal inner liner, it's more or less just the CT Frame and the leather that makes up the upper, giving you a very true fit that moulds extremely well to the foot. At the same time, with the foam varying from 4mm to 2mm in height and the thin leather will add a nice structure on the ball and both give you that sharp, crisp sensation combined with a subtle padded feeling from the foam - it's not made to add tons of grip or extra control, but to give you that sensation of being close to the ball and not having anything in the way but at the same time adding that padded, lovely elegance so you can move the ball around with grace and skill.

Lastly, the sole plate might not take many of the plaudits, but it deserves a mention as well - made with a dual density compound, the forefoot is extremely thin and thus extremely flexible in order for you to feel free and not hinder your movements when you want to twist on the spot and make little changes of direction. Without stability though, a soft plate is worthless as it'll just feel sloppy, but thankfully Mizuno added a VERY stiff midfoot to give you the support and responsiveness you need to move without losing too much energy. It might not look like the most innovative thing ever known to man, but in typical Mizuno style it'll do its job with minimal fuzz.

If you're still with us, you're not only a hero but probably devoted enough to deserve the awesomeness of the Mizuno Rebula Made in Japan. It's a boot made for those people who appreciate the very best of the best and who want that little extra something in terms of build quality, comfort and touch on the ball. It might not have that swagness of adidas or the high-tech looks of a Nike boot, but in terms of effectiveness and performance, as it always is, you can never fault the Japanese.