Get the ultimate grip with the G48 Grip Socks


Written by Frederik Tobias Thorgny Hansen

Tired of slipping feet in your football boots? And do you miss the feeling of ball control? Fear no more. We present to you: the G48 Grip Socks that lock your feet in your boots and give you a better touch.

We’ve all experienced it. The feeling of slipping feet in the boots. But the G48 Gripsocks are the answer to our problems. The socks are the ultimate in comfort and support, designed to increase the grip between the foot, sock and boots.

The G48 Grip Socks are equipped with the Premgripp technology; an offset foot technology that helps to stimulate the nerve endings connected to the calf muscles, enhancing blood circulation in the lower leg and feet and helping to alleviate the problem of numb toes and feet.

The technology is integrated both inside and outside the foot with small silicone dots to enhance the grip. This means that your feet don’t unnecessarily move. They stay where they are supposed to, giving you the focus to kick the ball, run, dribble and pass. Furthermore, a fully elasticated foot section that moulds perfectely to your feet is also included in the sock to give you that extra comfort.

Get the ultimate grip and gear up with the G48 Grip Socks right here, right now.