Watch PWG take on the Neymar wall challenge


Written by Frederik

Today, PWG challenges Neymar and Marcelo and the famous YouTubers and football freestylers Jeremy Lynch aka Jezza from the F2 and Sean Garnier in the Neymar wall challenge! Watch and see how he does.

Neymar Jr is known as one of the most skillful football players on the planet, and he is definitely a player who’s got more football skills in his locker than most football players.

The Brazilian star recently uploaded a clip from his Instagram account where he created the Neymar wall challenge. And his friend and teammate in the Brazilian national team, Marcelo, replicated Neymar’s trick and bettered it!

The clips went viral, and it wasn’t long before The F2 and Sean Garnier also tried the Neymar wall challenge! So if you want to see if Unisport freestyler and football skills master, PWG, can outdo Neymar, Marcelo, Sean Garnier and Jeremy Lynch, then watch the video in the top of the blog.