Limited boots from adidas | Presenting the ACE 17.1 Magnetic Control and X 17.1 Pure Stealth


Written by Frederik

Following the blackout Magnetic Storm pack, adidas has something new in store for us. And it’s some silver and brown beauties! We present to you: the Limited Collection adidas ACE 17.1 Magnetic Control and the X 17.1 Pure Stealth.

These days, adidas loves to spoil us. First the awesome Magnetic Storm pack. I mean, blackout boots, what's not to like? And now, we get two pair of boots with new and unique designs. I can reveal that we're hyped about these ones...

Continued below.

Let’s begin with the adidas X 17.1 Pure Stealth that brings an old-school look to the modern football boots model with the brown colourway. The cleats are all-brown with tonal logos and a gold chromatic sole plate, and they are really, really limited. We aren’t used to brown boots here at Unisport, so this boot comes as a surprise. A very unique colourway you won’t be seeing anywhere else.

The very special brown colourway is actually the only surprising thing about these X’s, as they’re the same as the regular colourways of the X 17 tech-wise. The adidas 17.1 Pure Stealth is still the football boot for the player who wants to cause havoc and destroy defences. But before we move on, let’s take a minute staring at that gorgeous golden sole plate!

I feel strangely attached to this boot... The super limited outstanding adidas ACE 17.1 Magnetic Control are certain to grab the headlines. This is a Unisport favourite. Like the new X, the ACE Magnetic Control have a very unique design. The cleats are predominantly covered in a purplish silver and feature a chrome-metallic sole plate and tonal logos. The upper has a subtle metallic finish and also boasts a fine graphic pattern. All brandings are kept understated and tonal, including the lateral 3 Stripes, which are dark grey with a light grey outline.

The adidas ACE 17.1 Magnetic Control is the football boot for the creative player who likes to spray passes around on the pitch. It's a boot for the player who likes to do skill moves with a bit of flair and who likes to get noticed on the pitch. Just as the X, the ACE Magnetic Control doesn’t feature anything new tech-wise, but on the other side the colourway is unreal. And that silver sole plate tho’!

If you’re as crazy about the ultra limited adidas X 17.1 Pure Stealth and ACE 17.1 Magnetic Control as us, you can pre-order your pair right here.