Stunning new boots from Umbro


Written by Frederik Tobias Thorgny Hansen

Umbro spoils us this time. The brand gives us to new pair of boots. Let’s present the Medusae II and the Velocita 3 – both in beautiful blue and yellow colourways!

The Umbro Medusae II comes in an awesome Electric Blue main colour with white and Blazing Yellow details. The boot features a cool knit collar and is all about speed and touch – all you need. With the innovative hybrid upper made from kangaroo leather and mesh, the Medusae II fits smoothly on your feet giving you the ultimate touch, low weight and higher com-fort. Providing stability and security around the midfoot, Umbro has also developed an A-Frame design. The added lockdown effect makes sure you are firmly placed in the boot and can get max-imal power in your play. At last, the flexible and aggressive outsole increases flexibility considerably and provides you with that extra bit of agility on the pitch.

Moving on, the Umbro Velocita 3 comes in a similar colourway, though on this one the Blazing Yellow is the main colour while the details are in Electric Blue. The lightweight microfiber upper is made for superior ball feel, ensures a tight, comfortable and personal fit - which at the same time reduces the break in time for the boots. The tight fit also ensures, that the boot follows your foot safely, during rapid changes of direction and explosive speeds - without limiting the natural freedom of movement. Like on the Medusae II, the Velocita 3’s A-Frame design provides stability, while the outsole increases flexibility. Making you ready to take on your opponents!

Which boot to choose? Don’t worry, you can get both the Medusae II and the Velocita 3 right here, right now.