Customize your fit | Meet the PUMA 365 IGNITE NETFIT CT


Written by Frederik Tobias Thorgny Hansen

PUMA has just made it easier to customize your own fit. We present to you the revolutionary PUMA NETFIT technology that gives you infinitive lacing style options. Explore the PUMA 365 IGNITE NETFIT CT here.

Ever had problems with the fit of your shoes? Maybe the forefoot is too wide for you? With the PUMA NETFIT you can just bring the laces down and go into some different holes to take up a little bit of that volume. Or you can bring the laces down a little bit further and pull them a little tighter on the inside if you need a little bit more support from that upper. Experience this technology in PUMA's new indoor shoe: the PUMA 365 IGNITE NETFIT CT.

What’s new about with this PUMA 365 IGNITE NETFIT is the actual NETFIT technology. It's a net that improves the fit of the shoe with a fishnet kind of structure that wraps around the entire upper. And take an extra look at this awesome Fiery Coral colurway!

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The upper is crafted with a shape fitting material, that adjusts to your feet for a tight and comfortable fit that offers great support. The NETFIT lacing system allows you to tie your shoes just the way you want to. The many different laceholes offers an endless possibility to tie your laces. You are therefore guaranteed a unique and personal fit. In addition, PUMA has fitted the shoe with an IGNITE foam midsole for superior comfort and cushioning.

The cool thing about it is it allows you to tweak the lacing a little bit, allowing you to dial in your fit however you need it, whether you have a wide or narrow foot. And who knows, maybe PUMA will start using this innovation on their boots?

No matter what, you can get your pair of PUMA 365 IGNITE NETFIT CT right here and experience the innovation.