Top 10 Best Football Shirts 2017/18


Written by Frederik Tobias Thorgny Hansen

JayMike has already done it, but now it’s our turn to present the real Top 10 Best Football Shirts 2017/18. Which shirts will make the list? Dig in and find out!

Football shirts have always been our DNA at Unisport. It's how we started our store and that love hasn't died down since. The 2017/18 season gives us a lot of kits to look forward to seeing in action. In this Top 10, we have made the impossible possible and ranked the best looking shirts of the new season. Check it out, and remember to let us know if you agree.

Before we really kick off our Top 10 Best Football Shirts 2017/18, let’s start off with some honourable mentions first. After several seasons with, let's be honest, less than impressive kits, the Liverpool Home Shirt finally got the treatment it deserved. Props to New Balance for going old school on this one. adidas have also given a nod to the past with the AC Milan Home Shirt. The shirt features the traditional black and red colours, while the width of the stripes is inspired by shirts worn in the period between 1987/88–1997/98 where the club established itself as a European powerhouse.

We also want to give a shout out to Under Armour’s modern Aston Villa Away Kit. And lastly, we love the Danish club Lyngby BK’s Third Shirt, because they are the only team in the world with a sponsor that actually makes the shirt look better. *Wink wink*. Now let’s get to it.

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10. West Ham United Home Shirt 2017/18

We kick off the list by blowing bubbles with West Ham United. The 2017/18 Umbro kit takes inspiration from the famous Hammers shirt worn in the 1976 European Cup Winners' Cup final. First of all, I can’t stop staring at those sky blue sleeves with the fading Umbro brandings and that dark claret colour. Featuring West Ham’s new logo with a stunning blue stitching around the crest and the neckline, the Claret and Blue Army must love this kit, hoping it will help the club improve and write history at London Stadium.

9. Inter Milan Away Shirt 2017/18

When looking at Nike’s Inter Away Kit, you can’t help thinking about the French 2016 EURO Away Shirt. Like several other Nike away shirts this season, the kit is based on the Vapor Aeroswift Template. But this one is unique. The white Inter Away Shirt looks clean and crisp, honouring the Nerazzurri colours with one blue sleeve and one in black/grey. And this time it actually looks like the different coloured sleeves will be allowed since Icardi and co. will not play European football this season. A little consolation for Inter fans - at least they get to see this beauty in action.

8. Manchester United Away 2017/18

Time to put on your historical glasses and go for a trip down memory lane with adidas and the Manchester United Away Kit. Inspired by the pattern on the club’s 1990/92 away shirt, the kit is mainly black and grey with white details. Like in the early 90s under Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United now stand before a new era with Jose Mourinho in the hot seat, and we think adidas are seeing some parallels between the past and the present. This kit is absolute flames, and is as well suited for the streets as it is for the stadium. But as we all know, when ranking football shirts you have to take the sponsor into account. This is the only reason why the shirt isn’t ranked higher. Come on Manchester United. That Chevrolet logo may have paid for Pogba, but it has to go. No player is worth that.

7. Pumas UNAM Away Shirt 2017/18

Pumas UNAM have had some brilliant kits over the years, and this season's shirts aren't an exception. As always, it features a white, navy and gold combo and as always, the kit is killer. And the iconic Puma logo on the front of the shirt just adds that extra dose of coolness. The shirt is inspired by the Pumas CU American football team, also representing UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico), which celebrates its 90th anniversary this year. And you just have to rock this kit, whether you’re a supporter of Mexican football or not. It’s that sick.

6. Hamburger SV Away Shirt 2017/18

At number six on the list, we travel back to Europe and to the only German club that has never been relegated from the Bundesliga. In line with so many other of adidas' recent football kit, the Hamburg 2017/18 Away Shirt incorporates a retro inspiration with a graphic pattern on the front. Being mainly marine blue, the kit features a series of diamonds (taken from the HSV crest) running along its front with clean white brandings as well. A must-have for every HSV fan.

5. Benfica Away Shirt 2017/18

Moving on, it’s time for a shirt where clean is the keyword. Benfica's soaring mascot always lifts up fans at Estádio da Luz. Now the Victory Eagle's influence can be felt at away games too. Combining light and dark grey, the Benfica Away Kit pays tribute to the club’s iconic mascot. A masterpiece by adidas – no need for a lot of colours and patterns. Benfica and adidas keep it simple on this one, and we love it.

4. Arsenal Third Shirt 2017/18

Simply beautiful. You can’t deny it, even if you’re a Spurs or a Chelsea fan. All the new PUMA third shirts feature an almost entirely black design, and the new Arsenal Third Kit is no different. To show club pride, while still using the brilliant black theme, the design is complemented by a bright red/pink accent colour on the crest and around the dazzling button down collar. A modern and fresh look for all of you Gooners out there and a fourth place on our list. Completely unintentional placement.

3. Tottenham Away Shirt 2017/18

On the first spot in the top 3, we find the first ever Nike Tottenham Hotspur Away Kit. We’ve already seen it in action in the Premier League, and it looks gorgeous. The navy blue colour dominates the kit, but it also features thin white lines and the Spurs cockerel in a shield, inspired by the shirt worn by the 1961 double team. This kit really allows you to show your appreciation for the North London club, and the Nike Swoosh branding completes the stylish look whether you are in the stands or on your local pitch. To say we are looking forward to seeing future Tottenham kits by Nike, would be an understatement.

2. Club Brugge Away Shirt 2017/18

Now to the kit that may surprise most people. A shirt that hasn't got enough attention. But it’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen this year. The Club Brugge Away Shirt is a real classic. Predominantly white, it's dominated by a black-blue band around the chest as well as matching sleeve cuffs and hem. The shirt even has a polo collar, while the phrase 'One club, one family, one passion' is printed below the crest. Macron has really done an amazing job on this one, and if every Club Brugge fan isn't about to have this kit in their wardrobes, I don’t know what to say. Even I want this shirt right now!

1. Bayern Munich Home Shirt 2017/18

When it comes to number one, we simply can’t disagree with JayMike. It’s only the second home shirt on the list, but the Bayern Munich Home Kit is the best looking shirt of the 2017/18 season. I don’t know where to start. The marvelous red Bayern colour is just so easy on the eye. The thin white vertical stripes, white crew neck and white cuffs on the sleeves contribute with some stunning details, retaining the super clean look. As mentioned above, the sponsor is crucial when rating shirts, and the white T-Mobile logo with black outlining is just spot on. What a shirt - modern AND retro at the same time. Weltklasse, adidas and Bayern!

But as you all know, this is just our opinion. So what do you think? Which shirts are missing? Let us know below! DM us on Instagram if you think our list is completely off.