Step up and shine in the PUMA ONE Chrome


Written by Frederik Tobias Thorgny Hansen

Meet the stunning exclusive PUMA ONE Chrome Edition. This special edition version of the PUMA ONE is designed to enhance the performance and add a touch of flair to the players play and style unlocking premium levels of excellence.

Every aspect of this PUMA ONE boot has been given that high class, superior feel. The chrome outsole is for sure an eye catcher that translates to an exclusivity and elusiveness on the pitch, whilst the aluminum inspired colourway of the upper calls out to the metals main properties of strength and lightness that tie in perfectly with the benefits of the microfiber upper that has been specially engineered for this edition.

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The microfiber upper, designed specifically for this special edition stays true to the aluminum inspiration by creating an altogether lighter-weight PUMA ONE. This increases the FAST but stays true to the FIT with the evoKNIT sock and the FEEL with a tight mesh construction to the front of the upper that increases foot to ball friction for an enhanced touch.

A super clean design overall. And as mentioned above, like other adidas and Nike launches over the last year, the sole plate of the Puma ONE Chrome cleats is very shiny, adding a nice touch to complete the look.

And as some bonus information, Antoine Griezmann will be shining with skill and pure style in this special edition colorway of the PUMA ONE exclusively in the two coming World Cup Qualifiers.

So if you want to shine like Griezmann, then get your pair of PUMA ONE Chrome boots right here.