Presenting: the blackout Under Armour Spotlight 2.0


Written by Frederik

Under Armour are ready with a new colourway of the Spotlight 2.0. You can now go camo and all black at the same time with this bad boy. Take a look at the brand new speedboot below.

The big trend of the summer 2017 has been black boots. Under Armour now follows up with their take on a classy blackout boot for the fall season. And this is certainly a winner, probably the best Under Armour boot of the year.

Designed with a synthetic leather upper, the Spotlight 2.0 is both really soft and flexible. The material adapts to your feet, ensuring an individual and comfortable fit - from the very first entry. It offers a tight feel and touch on the ball, and the Under Armour Spotlight 2.0 football boot actually features a two-layer construction that is similar to some of the adidas X cleats in a way.

Most remarkable beside the colourway on this beauty is that the lace cover features a zipper - something that's only seen on the previous Spotlight 2.0 boots. The boot also contains an awesome carbon fiber sole, which provides you with more lockdown as ever - making you faster than ever.

So step into the spotlight with Under Armour, and pre-order the Spotlight 2.0 right here.