Pretty in pink | New Mizuno Rebula colour update


Written by Frederik Tobias Thorgny Hansen

Mizuno have always been famous for making high-quality leather boots, and their latest Rebula Made in Japan is no exception. Get ready for one of the most eye-catching football boots on the market.

Following the release of the first Rebula model a couple of months ago, Japanese brand Mizuno is ready with a new colourway of the quality boot that's a part of the 'Made in Japan' series. With the 'Made in Japan' series, you get the very best. The series features hand made boots, where each and every boot is subjected to intense quality control. Also, Mizuno only uses materials that are from the highest level of quality, throughout their manufacturing process.

The Rebula is for the player that wants nothing but the best. It is for the agile player, who dictates the pace with pure elegance and efficiency. And now you can get this in an all new awesome pink colourway as well.

Continued below.

The new Mizuno Rebula V1 Made in Japan comes in very bold colourway, featuring 'Pink Glow' as main colour with black and 'Green Gecko' details. Definetely one of the most special boots of 2017. Designed for players who control the game and dictate the play, the Rebula contains a premium Kangaroo leather upper without any remarkable stitching thanks to the brand's CT Frame. Tech-wise, the boot stays true to the previous Rebula release, so now you have to opportunity to play with maxiumum comfort in both a bright pink and a classy black colourway of the Mizuno Rebula V1.

Are you hyped about the pink Rebula, or do you prefer black boots? Either way, we got you covered. Get you Mizuno boots right here.