Meet the Nike X EA Sports Hypervenom 3 | Dat soleplate tho!


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

It’s about that time people! A yearly event that to us and millions around the world is bigger than Christmas, Halloween and Easter combined. FIFA 18 is about to launch and to celebrate Nike release a Limited Edition EA Sports Hypervenom 3. Love for all aspects and nuances of football.

Last year, Nike introduced the first ever EA Sports football boot and now it looks like they are turning it into a yearly tradition. With the 2016 Mercurial they featured an old school 8-bit graphic, but this year they fast forward the aesthetics to 2018 and beyond. The graphic treatment on the upper is therefore inspired by the Real Player Motion Technology that EA Sports will introduce for the first time ever on FIFA 18.

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It’s obviously more advanced than what I can explain, but basically this new motion technology increases the accuracy of how the players both look and feel when you play with them in the game. This data was collected by Cristiano Ronaldo and other big players wearing motion capture suits and once EA had this information they created special wireframe graphics to match the player movements. This wireframe look has been transferred to the upper and more specifically the strike zone of the Hypervenom, which gives it a dynamic and pretty radical look. It can be hard to see from a distance, but if you have the boots in hand or swipe through our gallery below here, then you really get an impression of the details.

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However, it doesn’t matter how eye-catching the volt coloured upper is, because the highlight of the boot is, just like it was last year, the soleplate design. Nike have taken the same iridescent colour and transferred to the Hypervenom outsole and if you ask me it looks even sicker than it did previously. The details and split-toe Hypervenom sole just add even more vibrancy.

Despite this being a limited edition product, Nike have still for the first time ever made them in kids sizes as well as adult sizes. 3000 pairs will be available worldwide for adults and 1000 pairs will be made in youth sizes. The Nike x EA Sports Hypervenom 3 will be worn by Edinson Cavani and Mauro Icardi later this month, but you can already get them in FIFA from the 20th of September. In addition, there will also be a special shirt accompanying the drop. A pretty wicked way of completing the look!

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