Top 5 | Best indoor football and futsal shoes of 2017


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

The indoor football and futsal season is upon us and that means it is time to swap those studs for flat non-mark soles. PWG has made his list of the Top 5 indoor shoes for football, so you get can an idea of what to aim for. Read along and watch the video above.

PWG Freestyle, or Philip as he is actually called, is a man who has dedicated his entire life to freestyle football. He has spent an almost unfathomable amount of time in gym halls training his skills and as a result he has worn through tons of indoor football shoes in his time. This means he is the perfect man to ask, if you want to know what indoor football shoe or futsal shoes are the best in the world.

You can watch his video below, where he explains exactly why the boots he has picked out have earned their spot on the list. Sit back and enjoy PWG’s expert analysis of the Top 5 football shoes for indoor football and futsal.

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5. Mizuno Sala Premium 2

The Mizuno Sala Premium 2 indoor football and futsal shoe is made with a soft and supple leather upper on the front foot, but still has a very nice, low profile, so they don’t feel clunky. Mizuno are known for their high quality, so these will last you a very long time too.

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4. Tiempo X

Made to be exactly like the football boot version of the Tiempo, the Nike TiempoX is the same as the boots you see worn by Andrea Pirlo, Sergio Ramos and Thiago Silva, except with a flat indoor sole. Soft leather and a modern feel makes this a favourite of PWG, when he films Nike videos.

3. adidas Spezial

Even though PWG only has this in third place, I think a lot of people will definitely have this at number one. The adidas Spezial needs no introduction its soft suede upper and comfortable fit has made it a classic for indoor and futsal.

2. Joma Top Flex

Joma are kings of indoor and particularly futsal. It is therefore no surprise that they feature on our list. The Flex series offers you so much movability and speed, when playing small sided football and PWG has put the Top Flex model in at second place.

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1. Joma Super Flex

First place goes to another Joma futsal shoe and another Flex model. The Super Flex is the very best shoe for indoor football and futsal if you ask our expert judge. In the end it is down to personal preference, but you can take PWG’s word for that these five shoes will all put you in a good position to dominate all autumn, when football moves to the indoor courts.