adidas Football x Paul Pogba Capsule Collection Season II


Written by Mathias

It’s PP SZN 2. Today, adidas introduce the adidas Football x Paul Pogba Capsule Collection Season II, which brings the Manchester United superstar’s African roots to the streets. Explore the full collection here.

Paul Pogba is one of the game’s most creative players and his signature flair far transcends what goes on, when he takes to the pitch for France and Manchester United. With the Pogba Capsule Collection adidas have allowed him to channel his famous style off the pitch and create a range that includes everything from apparel to two particularly awesome street versions of the ACE 17+ shoes.

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The design inspiration for the launch of the second season of the adidas Football x Pogba Capsule Collection comes from Africa and the earthy tones you often associate with the desert and savannah. Paul Pogba himself has roots in Guinea, which is a country famous for its incredibly diverse and beautiful nature and that undoubtedly played a role in the full collection getting a classic desert camouflage pattern.

The desert camouflage is especially visible on the two new adidas ACE 17+ PP sneakers, which both feature the famous BOOST technology. The Pogba Season II range is designed purely for the streets as a football/fashion fusion and this means there will be no football boots version made. However, adidas have given sneaker enthusiasts the choice between a laceless and laced up version of the ACE 17 PP sneaker.

You can order the adidas ACE 17+ PP TR and Pogba Season II right here.

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The Pogba collection is about so much more than just the sneakers though and includes a complete range of streetwear apparel and accessories. There are plenty of standout pieces designed by Paul Pogba, but for us, especially the ‘Paris’ t-shirt and gold bomber jacket have caught our eye. True to his roots, but at the same time absolutely bonkers - that’s what the Pogba Capsule Collection is all about.

You can find all the adidas Football x Pogba Capsule Collection Season II streetwear pieces right here.