Meet the Future | PUMA gives you endless lacing opportunities


Written by Frederik Tobias Thorgny Hansen

Today is a day of innovation. PUMA presents the future of football boots. Giving you and Griezmann unlimited lacing opportunities. Dig in for more info on the PUMA Future.

There are players on the planet who can change a game. Then there are players that invent new ways to play it, creating unbelievable moments that turn the game on its head forever. PUMA Future is made for players who act instinctively and unpredictably to push the game forward. The future is yours.

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With the PUMA Future boots, you have infinite lacing customization opportunities. PUMA has finally added the brand's innovative NETFIT technology - as seen on several PUMA sneakers so far - to a football boot. The NETFIT provides customizable lacing for any foot shape or support need. You finally have the opportunity to experience the perfect fit.

Providing you the lightweight Pebax outsole, the PUMA Future allows for rapid acceleration and quick turns, making you faster than ever and able to burst past the defenders. Giving you untouchable speed. Furthermore, the PUMA Future provides limitless agility. The evoKNIT sock and form-fitting textile base provides a glove like fit around the ankle and foot for the perfect support and agility.

There's no doubt this boot is something different and a revolutionary thing in the world of football boots. Especially when seeing all the laceless boots, it's awesome to see PUMA focusing on the laces. And here at Unisport HQ, we like our laces, and we can't wait to see Griezmann rock the PUMA Future. What do you think about the boots? Will you lace up in the Future?

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