Learn how to make a knuckleball


Written by Zlatko

The Ronaldo rocket, knuckle, knuckleball… the technique has many names but few master it. Are you up for the challenge and want to learn the knuckleball technique? Then spend some minutes reading this step-by-step guide made by Joltter, and you will be up and running in no time!

Before going into the whole step-by-step, let’s quickly define what a knuckleball is. A knuckleball is a shot that moves unpredictable in the air, moving from left to right, or upwards or downwards making it the goalkeeper’s worst nightmare. Keep in mind that you should hit the ball so it gets as little spin as possible. This guide is not the only way to make a perfect knuckleball, but Joltter’s own personal way of doing it, due to you can make a knuckleball in very different ways. Let’s begin..!

1. The run up

The first important step towards a perfect knuckleball is the run up. A good way to start the run up is by not having a straight line towards the ball. Try keeping an angle, but without overdoing it, otherwise you will curve the ball rather than getting a knuckle. Now start running towards the ball! Try to run on the tip of your toes and focus on the last step, where you lift yourself up slightly preparing your foot for the strike!

2. The contact area

By doing the run up you have set yourself up for a great shot, next up is where to put your focus when you strike the ball. Once again this is your personal preference and Joltter’s sweet spot is just around the instep area of his foot. So lock your ankle and point your toes down and strike the ball. But this is not quite enough to get the perfect knuckle effect. You still have to hit the ball in the right spot to get the right flow in the air. If you hit the ball too much on the side then you will get sidespin. Shoot to low and you get backspin and the ball goes upwards. Hit the ball in the dead center, or slightly on the lower half, so it gets as little spin as possible, but a little topspin would also do it!

3. The follow through

The last important part towards the perfect knuckleball is the follow through. The follow through is very simple as long as you keep it short and sharp while leaning over the ball. Don’t follow through by letting your foot swing all the way up or stop as soon as you hit the ball. Remember to slide your shooting foot a little bit across your body while leaning over the ball.

Follow these steps and you will be good to go, but are you still in need of help? Then check our “How to shoot a knuckleball” Youtube guide, and see how you get the right CR7 flick to the ball. Here Joltter will give you some extra tips and tricks!