How to pack your football bag | A guide to the essentials


Written by Zlatko Popovic

Do you want to be the packing master? Packing your bag for a match or training is something that can separate you from your teammates, or even take your game to the next level. Do you want to learn how to pack your bag, when you are on your way to football? Then read this guide on how to pack your bag and get inspired by JayMike.

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Let's get started

So what’s important to bring with you? Well that’s a good question! We all have our own way of doing it and all have our favorite things to bring with us. Are you stranded and don’t know what to bring, or need some inspiration on what to pack? Then JayMike is here to save you! To make it a bit easier we are going to divide the packing guide into three sections. Firstly we have the basic gear. Secondly we have the gear that might not be essential, but still nice to pack in your bag. Lastly we have all the extra gear that might help you off the pitch. Sounds exciting? Well let’s see what JayMike has packed for us!


To start off the basic gear we need, you might have guessed this one, a bag! You can’t really go packing without a good bag. Next up, you might also have guessed this one, your football boots. Depending on if you’re going to play a match, kickabout or training, a pair of shin pads would also be nice to pack. Not only for the extra protection, but because it’s a rule that you have to wear them during a match.

You could also bring some clothing, and this depends on the season we are in. During the summer a t-shirt, shorts, socks and a long sleeved for the evenings is a good idea to pack. Lastly, when you are done with playing, it would always be nice to finish off with a shower, so bring a towel as well. And yeah, if you are going out on a kickabout with your friends or alone, then bring a ball and ball pump.


Do you have some extra room, both in the bag and budget, then the following gear would be nice to have with you. If you don’t know if you are going to play on FG or AG, then a good investment would be an extra pair of boots so you are covered. PST, Premier Sock Tape, can also get in handy by keeping your socks or shin pads in place.

Do you also tend to have problems with boots and blisters? Then get some blister patches as well, so you don’t have to skip a football session due to blisters. Extra boot bag can also get in handy, if you have dirty clothes or boots, so your bag doesn’t get to smelly. Lastly if you are troubled with sore muscles then compressions shorts can be used during the matches or after a match, so stock up with a pair as well so you are covered.


Now you have packed all the essentials to go out and play. But you can always bring something extra with you, like JayMike who packs things that can help him off the pitch. Headphones can be used for quite some things, depending if you have rituals or just like to listen to music. After a match, and shower, it will always be nice to jump in a pair of recovery tights, so you feel fresh for another session as quickly as possible.

Talking about after games, but before games it will always be nice with some pre-match snacks. JayMike brings some bananas, but you could also go full Jamie Vardy style, depending on what you prefer and like. Lastly you might consider a last pair of boots, so you are covered for all surfaces when you’re out playing.

We have now found the stuff that you might need when packing your bag. You can do as JayMike and split you bag up in three rooms, depending on how badly you need the stuff. The vital gear is packed last, so it’s easy to access. Still wondering on what products to choose, or what could be nice to put in your bag? Then take a look at the video above to see what JayMike prefers, or get some inspirations for new items in your bag.