How to improve your finishing | Learn to score more goals


Written by Zlatko Popovic

Are you having a hard time scoring goals, or just want improve your technique so you score even more goals? Then this guide will help you improve your finishing, so you get starting scoring the goals, and become a natural born finisher.

It isn’t that straightforward and takes more than just a hard shot to score a goal on good goalkeepers. For this guide we have teamed up with a goal scoring machine and pro player Will John from the MLS. Go through his tips and tricks in this guide and practice it, and you will be out and running in no time. At Unisport we have loads of football boots that surely can help you scoring goals. We have every kind of boots that will fit any kind of needs.

1. Train in game situations

First step on the road to become a goal scoring machine as Will John, is to train in game situations. Put yourself into in game situations, learning how to control the ball, shoot the ball from different angles and work with this. This will be one of the only ways where you can see if you are becoming a better goalscorer.

2. Put yourself under pressure

This can be done differently. For example try shooting with your weak foot instead of only training your preferred foot. Or try standing with your back to the goal and work on from there to score the goal. In match situations you will not have much time to put the ball in the goal, so you have to become extreme efficient, which you become by training and putting yourself under pressure.

3. Get a nice setup

Now the actual shooting! For this you need a good setup. You can’t shoot the ball if it’s underneath you or too much on the side. Take a nice first touch giving you some space towards the ball, so you can get a little run up making it easier for you to score the goal. This depends on what area in front of the goal you are and the situation. But if you have trained different types of situations and combine it with a good setup, then you mostly will have no problem scoring the goals.

4. Check the goalie’s positioning

You have now worked on getting the perfect setup for the goal. But after you take the little touch setting yourself up, then take a look at the goalies position. You can often use this as an advantage when shooting and catching the keeper off balance. Maybe the goalie is too far on the right which makes it possible for you to shoot to the left side. Get the goalie away from the line and this might make it possible to chip the ball in. No matter what, take a look at his position and react after that.

5. Choose placement or power

So now you have gathered all the information you need to get the perfect shot on goal. Now you just have too choose if you would rather want to place the ball or shoot it with power. So get a nice setup, check the goalies positioning and then STRIKE the ball into the goal!

So these are 5 tips on how to improve your shooting and become a better finisher. Most important thing is that you practice, practice and practice. But are you still in need of some more tips or want to see how Will John and JayMike improve their finishing? Then head over to our video in the above of the guide and get starting on the goal scoring!