How to train on your own | 3 individual football training drills


Written by Zlatko Popovic

Want to become a pro footballer? And do you want to train on your own, when there isn’t any training at your club? Then we have the solution for you! We teamed up with Nick Humphries, from Train Effective, to give you some drills that you can use to improve your game, becoming a more complete player

Sometimes it isn’t just enough to participate in the training sessions and play matches. You sometimes have to train by your own to improve in minor areas of your game and in the end become a better footballer. Need some inspiration to what you can do? Then read this guide, so you can get some drills that you can do by yourself, either in your garden, in the park or at your club. Let’s go!

1. Air control drill

The focus of the drill is control and finishing. Controlling the ball in different situation is a key in becoming a complete player, as well as having a nice finish.

This is rather simple. Set up a zone, in front of a goal, that is 2M x 2M, which mimics the area you often have while attacking. Make a few juggles with the ball and then kick the ball in the air. When the ball hits the ground you have to control the ball, and take it with you out of the zone while setting yourself up for a shot.

Nick gives two quick tips when doing this drill, with the first being to scan the area. Look over your shoulders and scan the area, so you know what’s moving around you before you take the touch with the ball. The second tip is trapping the ball with some backspin, so you move the ball out of the area preparing yourself for the finish.

2. Zig zags

The second drill is the so-called zig zags. The focus on the drill is to dribble at high speed. So grab a ball and start weaving in and out between the cones, zig zagging your way until the end, where you make a final sprint for 15M with the ball and stopping there.

3. Stop and go

The last drill is going to focus on your speed and fitness. The stop and go mimics the normal movements that you have during a football game, where you make short and sharp changes in directions. This drill is perfect if you are in small areas, such as in your garden or at home. You only need 4M to run in, so this is something you can set up quickly.

Nick also has two quick tips for this drill. The first tip is to stop the ball fully at the cone before turning around sprinting back. The second tip is to hold a low center of gravity, when you are going around the cone and back towards the ball. Doing this will help you change direction quickly when you are going around the cone or in matches when you are dribbling the ball.

These three effective drills can help you improve your game, so you can become a better footballer. But are you still in need of help and would like to see how Nick does it? Then click on the Youtube video above and see how he manage the drills and then get started on improving your game!

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