You have probably already seen it during the weekend matches. It's time to reveal the new Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII Retro/Total Orange/Challenge Red. This new model is especially exciting, as it is not just the colourway that is new.

The latest generation of the extremely popular Mercurial collection is called Vapor VIII and it has taken the market by storm. After two generations without great success, the new Vapor VIII has made its mark, and might just be the best boot ever from the Mercurial collection. It has just landed in this new colourway and with a new upper; let's give it a closer look.

The Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII and its predecessors have been known to attract the flamboyant and technically gifted players, who are never afraid to have the ball -these players actually demand the ball. Fast and unpredictable twist and turns, as well as, the almost impossible strike, are some of the associations attached to this popular collection. Among the players who jump into these boots week after week we can mention Christiano Ronaldo, Juan Mata, Neymar and Mario Götze.

The latest Nike mercurial Vapor VIII is by no means a disappointment as the Retro/Total Orange/Challenge Red colourway surely attracts a lot of attention. It catches the eye right away, and you will find it hard to look anywhere else. In other words, we see a clear success that incorporates all the decadence of the Nike speed boot, that we appreciate.

A key discussion point regarding this new Vapor VIII, is the upper. When going from the first two colourways to the third, the coating on the upper was changed, and now it has been changed again. Nike has equipped the new upper with ACC, or All Conditions Control, that improves the friction and grip on the ball in all weather conditions.

One might believe that this new coating technology is going to be on all Nike models, as we have already seen it implemented on the new Nike CTR360 Maestri III. We are looking forward to have this question answered. Our tests of the ACC on the Maestri III have left us with a very positive view on the new technology. In a continuously developing game, every second counts, and if you are able to control the ball just a tiny bit better, for example in pouring rain, this might actually be the difference between winning or losing.

On the bottom of the boot it has same fibreglass sole that we know from the previous colour combinations, and this boot also has the new, revolutionising stud system as we have seen on its predecessors. With just two studs on the heel, it left people with scepticism, but it has proved itself to be highly effective. With less studs you will meet less resistance when stepping into the ground, and therefore you will benefit more from your effort.

Hereby, you will become faster, which is the whole idea of a speed boot, and this boot definitely delivers. With a weight of just 185g, it is among the absolutely lightest boots on the market. The low eight, combined with the sleek stud system, this boot provides the explosive speed that the Vapor VIII promises to deliver.

If you cannot wait to get your hands on the new colourway, then you can already pre-order the new colourway right here at no later than this Thursday.

The new colourway provides a very strong colour combination that catches the eye right away. What do you think? Do you like the new colourway? And what do you think of the ACC technology? Feel free to comment in the field just below.