Meet the France home and away shirts for 2018 World Cup


Written by Frederik Tobias Thorgny Hansen

Nike has introduced the France home and away shirts for the 2018 World Cup. Meet the two beautiful kits right here and enjoy the new designs.

It's been 20 years since France lifted the World Cup trophy, and this year Les Bleus strive to snatch the throne in Russia. To honour the French flag and the national team's history, Nike today launches the two stunning France Home and Away Shirts which Mbappé and Co. will be wearing this summer. Both shirts celebrate national pride, the tricolor, with modern flare.

“The way the French express patriotism is through the flag and we wanted to celebrate how the bleu, blanc and rouge brings people together,” explains Pete Hoppins, Nike Football Apparel Senior Design Director.

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With a blue shirt, white shorts and red socks, the France Home Shirt recreates the tricolor from head to toe, and a sophisticated placket collar also carries a button embossed with the national motto, “Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité.” Combined with the two different blue shades on the shirt, this really makes one of the most elegant World Cup shirts so far.

If the home kit is a direct celebration of the flag, the away kit serves as its deconstructed counter. At first glance, the shirt appears plain white. However, close inspection reveals a subtle red and blue hyper-speckle knit through the body. Tech wise, both of the 2018 France kits feature Nike's Vaporknit to facilitate speed through performance and aesthetic.

And this one is a little bonus info that you may notice in future France matches. When singing of the French anthem before each game and sing “Le Marseillaise”, the players will line up to form the tricolor through evenly distributed red, white and blue anthem jackets once again honouring the pride of the French flag.

You can already buy your France Home and Away shirt right here.