Build your own team kit together with Unisport Teamsport!


Written by Zlatko

Is your team or club looking for a new team kit, then Unisport Teamsport is the place you have to look. We offer a large selection of different team kits, and you can mix and match your kits just as you like it. We've just launched our new Teamsport page, which makes it even easier for you to design your team kits and place and order for it. Read along to learn more about the new Teamsport page.

Follow these 4 easy steps, and you will be up and running in no time:

Step 1 - Choose colour:

Before we reach the page where you can choose the colours of your team kit, then you firstly have to choose which brand and design you want. You can choose from adidas, Nike, PUMA and Joma, and you can choose the models that suits you best. When you have done this, then you just have to choose the colours you want for your team kit. You can choose the same colours for all parts, or choose different colours for your shirt, shorts and socks. There are many opportunities and you can combine just as you want, and after your taste!

Furthermore, you can also choose colours on you goalkeeper kit and you can combine the colours just as you want.

Step 2 - Choose amount:

When you have chosen your team kit and colours, then you have to choose how many sets you need. We can help with all solutions for you and your team, no matter if you play futsal or are an entire squad with subs. You just have to enter the sizes and the amount that you need.

Step 3 - Print options:

We also offer different solution when it comes to printing team kits. We can print different types of logos on the team kits, so if you have a club or sponsor logo then we can help with this. But we can also print more logos if you have these. You just have to mark all the products that you want printed and we will do this for you. But we also offer printing your name and numbers on the back of your team kits and you can choose the names and numbers just as you want.

Step 4 - Confirm and order your team kit

You are now ready to order your brand-new team kit! You just have to press "Add to basket", and fill out your contact informations, and then you will be forwarded to the payment so you can complete your order.

This was 4 quick and easy steps to how you can order your new team kit at Unisport Teamsport. Should you have any further questions on how to order or anything else, then you can always contact our customer service by phone +45 3325 4040, or via live chat and e-mail.

You can get started with ordering your new team kit, or see our full selection of Teamsport products right here.