It's time for today's Christmas offer and now we've chopped half the price off a large range of super nice fleece blankets, from some of the worlds biggest clubs. They will only cost you €16 and are perfect for an evening of Christmas cosiness with the family, when the temperature outside drops and forces us indoors. Now you can do so in style, while showing your club pride.

It'll be a short Christmas holiday for the worlds biggest clubs, because while we go indoors for some nice and relaxing time off from work and school, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Chelsea's players continue to play their beloved football. You can support them in the cold winter cold, with a cosy fleece blanket for just €16 – you save 50%

The selection is vast and you can keep yourself warm with not just Barcelona, Liverpool, Manchester United, but also Leeds too. You can see the snug fleece blankets here, that you will only have to fork out €16 for – you save 50%.

A nice and comfortable fleece blanket can also be a very valuable companion, for when you go out to watch football, so you can keep your legs warm, like the professionals on the bench. For the next 24 hours you save 50% on the very pleasant blankets, so now's time to strike.

You need to hurry to take advantage of today's Christmas gift-idea, because it's only available for a limited period. Christmas and all it's wonder is just around the corner and with the drastically dropping temperatures outside, a snug fleece blanket is a perfect acquisition. Which blanket will you be getting? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comment-section down below.