New 3rd kit for Barcelona | An homage to the city


Written by William

A graphic design that will both represent the city and the club at the same time - how does that look? Well, check out the new Barcelona shirt!

Barca released a somewhat very different design on their homeshirt for the 2021/22 season with both stripes and a cross on the front. The away shirt was made in a bold, purple colour with a shiny logo. And now it’s time for the Barcelona third shirt!

When you look at it first, it has a very classic design with vertical stripes. But that’s the only classic and traditional thing about the shirt. Within the stripes comes a very graphic look and design that will make everyone go “wow” when they glanze at it.

The story behind the look is that it embodies the energy of the iconic city and its culture. This vibrant visual language gives the Catalan youth a platform to express their love for the club. The result is a graphic with a look from five different districts within the city. Each visual represents each district. Put together, it creates the “local expression” of the world’s biggest football club. The key elements are ‘90’s love’, 'Local secrets', 'Fresh tones' and ‘Unification'.

The Nike Swoosh and the sponsor print is made in the iconic yellow that we’ve seen so many times on Barca shirts in history.They will use this shirt for Champions League.

You can cop the Barcelona third shirt at Unisport today! Click here!