Paris Saint Germain third shirt 2021/22 | Read more about it here


Written by Sandra

The French giant is getting a new third shirt and for the first time in years, it will not feature the Jordan logo. Let’s have a look at the new shirt!

Paris Saint Germain third shirt 2021/22

The new Paris Saint Germain third shirt is inspired by the suburbs of Paris. When Nike designed the shirt, they asked the club’s supporters about their favourite shirts. Two important key elements were highlighted; a chest band stripe and dark grey + black. For them, black is the colour of the Champions League. It is very serious and it helps the team focus on the task at hand - winning. Grey is the colour of their hood and the colour of the city. This shirt is the shirt of the suburbs. Double Swooshes to represent the city with two sides, central crest putting the club at the center of all things.

But that’s not all, the shirt of course has some reference to the past. The shirt is also inspired by the 1999-2001 shirt, where you will also see a chest band stripe and it’s grey. The new shirt on the other hand, is more black, but with a grey chest band together with grey stripes above and below. The crest in the middle is red and so are the two Swooshes on each sleeve.

You can buy the new PSG third shirt 2021/22 at Unisport right here!