The latest colourway for the Phantom GT - the UV is here!


Written by William

Another colourway for the GT - and a very special one this time! Check out the very limited UV here!

It’s only been a few weeks since we saw the launch of the Phantom GT 2. We have seen both Renew, Rawdacious and also the Motivation coming within a short time span. And now it’s time for yet another colourway - Nike are really spoiling us this summer!

This time it’s the “UV”. A crazy colourway for the control boot. The upper is a mix of of four different colours - a dark blue on the top. A powerful red line going all around the upper. And the bottom part is purple, which we haven’t seen on many boots before. The last colour is white, which is the colour that the Swoosh and Phantom-text is made in.

The upper is made with Nike’s Generative Texture to make it more grippy and besides that it consists of Flyknit. Those techs have made it a very popular boot among a lot of star players like Kevin De Bruyne, Harry Kane, Kai Havertz and Lukaku - just to name a few!

It’s a very limited boot this one - and Unisport is one of very few places where you are actually able to get your hands on a pair if you want one!

You can find the Phantom GT UV right here

And you can check out the details of the boots in these amazing pictures below! Enjoy!