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We always make sure that we have the newest models and colourways of Nike Mercurial football boots online here at, but to make the selection more manageable to browse, we've added some really cool features to this category. But before we get too involved with these, let's dive into the history of the Nike Mercurial collection!

The Nike Mercurial - The World's Most Famous Football Boot collection?

In the history of Nike football boots it is next to impossible not to think of the iconic Nike Mercurial collection that has donned the feet of some of the world's greatest ever football players. It is safe to say that the Nike Mercurial collection has pioneered the world of football boots and has given us some of the most innovative and creative boots through the years along with some spectacular moments in world football.

Nike Mercurial football boots have always been centered around speed and giving the players that wear them the edge on their opponents with lightweight boots and explosive stud configurations. The design and the technology has changed over the course of the years, but the identity of the Nike Mercurial football boots have never changed. Bold colourways and attention seeking design has been and will most likely always be fitting descriptions of what the Nike Mercurial speed boot brings to the table!

From Ronaldo to Ronaldo - The Nike Mercurial Story

Looking at the history of Nike Mercurial online, it is clear to see that the collection has always had a passion for speed and explosive players. Some of the players that spring to mind when you think of Nike Mercurial are likely to be players such as Zlatan Ibrahimović, Thierry Henry, Robinho, Didier Drogba, Eden Hazard, Alexis Sánchez, Adriano, and many, many more. Most notoriously however, there are two players that have had such a vast impact on the Nike Mercurial collection that their names have become synonymous with the football boots. Funnily enough, they share the same name, but origin from different countries.
We are of course referencing to the two Ronaldo's that have blessed different eras with their stunning footballing abilities; of course whilst wearing Nike Mercurial football boots.

He was, and remains known as El Fenómeno; the Brazilian legend that is Ronaldo catapulted the Nike Mercurial into the spotlight of the football boot market. The year was 1998 and the World Cup in France was about to kick off when Nike introduced the Nike Air Mercurial boots. The original launch colour was primarily black, but Ronaldo naturally got a signature colourway of the boot in silver, blue and yellow and that has since gone down in history as one of the most iconic Nike Mercurial football boots ever. It even managed to get reincarnated as the Nike Mercurial Vapor XV R9 where only 1998 pairs were manufactured worldwide.

The Brazilian Ronaldo has since 1998 played a great role in establishing the Nike Mercurial as one of the world's most notorious football boots. The Ballon d'Or, World Cups and goals galore at clubs like Inter, Barcelona and Real Madrid has helped dub the Nike Mercurial as the preferred football boot for strikers and wingers alike with deadly speed and an eye for goal.

Can you think of another Nike Mercurial player who fits that description? We're sure you can, but we're staying in Ronaldo territory by turning our attention to the Portuguese prodigy that is Cristiano Ronaldo. From day one of his professional playing days Cristiano Ronaldo has remained true to Nike Mercurial football boots and has worn just about every generation of the speed boot since his career took off in Sporting Lisbon in Portugal.

Since then, Ronaldo has gone on to play for Manchester United where he went on to win every possible trophy with the club as well as he raked in the personal awards - all whilst wearing Nike Mercurial football boots. The success that Cristiano Ronaldo experienced prompted both Real Madrid and Nike to turn extra attention to the Portuguese winger, as the Spanish club acquired CR7 for a then world record fee and Nike bestowed the man himself with signature colourways of his preferred Nike Mercurial football boots.

Cristiano Ronaldo has just like his namesake won accolade upon accolade, racking up an impressive amount of Ballon d'Or trophies and much more. It is because of players like Ronaldo and Ronaldo that we can say the Nike Mercurial collection has the most impressive track record in world football without the slightest stutter in our voices. Nike Mercurial is explosive speed and it's here to impress on the feet of the next generation of superstars! Are you among them?

Unfolding the Nike Mercurial collection and its innovations

It's easy to get lost in all the technical lingo that surrounds football boots and perhaps the Nike Mercurial collection in particular, but we'll do our best right here to take you through some of the key features you'll find on the boots.

Nike Mercurial - The Dynamic Fit Collar

In the past years we've seen a development in football boots that has brought football boots with sock-like constructions for better fit and protection. The Nike Mercurial was among the first on the market with the technology, which they have dubbed the Dynamic Fit Collar and serves as a more natural transition between your feet and your boots, thereby giving you the feeling of your Nike Mercurial football boots becoming a part of you.

Nike Mercurial - The Speed Rib

The Nike Mercurial Superfly features a technology called the "Speed Rib", which is a special cable structure woven into the upper. The purpose of the Speed Rib is to create friction between the boot and the football so you get an improved touch on the ball and a closer, more precise and natural touch when dribbling, passing or shooting at high speeds. Meanwhile, some of the Speed Rib cables are connected to the outsole and laces, which helps keep your foot pressed down against the insole. This ensures an optimal lockdown, which is necessary in high pace and fast-paced turns, while also makes the boot as responsive as possible.

Nike Mercurial - The newly designed stud configuration

Nike has designed a completely new stud system for the Mercurial football boots with help from an advanced computer system. Pressure points and the flow of power was mapped and so was different forms, patterns and compositions - all being thoroughly analysed. Nike found the ideal combination and the studs were placed at different points where grip was needed the most. The studs are angled so they work as claws during acceleration and quick turns. They work equally effective when decelerating, which makes it easy for you to stop and change direction when you want - leaving your opponent in the dust.