The Puma King football boot line made its first debut in 1966, and were worn by the top scoring player Eusebio of the World Cup in England. Since then the King line has grown and continues to be a popular football boot among World Cup players today. Its unique trademark design is one that wraps around and supports the wearer's foot while still providing a full range of motion and flexibility that is needed in sports. Its name comes from the many football legends or “kings” who have worn them, such as Pele, Matthaus, Cruyff and Kempes. The tradition of excellence continues even today, with big stars of the field wearing them to the World Cup. Many of the boots in the series have a designation that pertains to a certain World Cup in which they were featured in, or as a celebration to other achievements linked to them.

The basic design for the Puma King football boots remains pretty much the same. Though, the materials have changed depending on which series of King it is. From durable kangaroo leather to synthetic blends, the material for the body of the boot is always well crafted and comfortably close fitting. The soles come in a variety of options that range from heavy studs to more practical designs that allow them to be used on any type pitch. Made to last and carry the player from start to finish, the Puma King line of football boots is fitting for any member of the team. They also are available in junior sizing, which means from young to old, any skill level of player can make use of them. Another important aspect to the King line of football boots is the range of weights available. Ranging from heavy to super light, the King series has models that have been modified to ensure there is added heel support and less bulk in padding to help the fleet footed stay light on the field.

Puma is known for combining style with function, the King series does not fall short in having a distinguished appearance. A selection of colors, patterns, and stitching styles all give them a look that matches their royal namesake. Though, no too overstated, most in the King series by Puma have a refinement in their appearance that in no way ever detracts from the simple fact that they are time tested, and more than proven style of football boot that has been a part of headlines for many decades now, and likely many more to come.