Boot Care

Start Off Right When You Remove Your Boots

Boot care begins with treating your boots right when the match is done. Unlace your boots every time you remove them. If you pull them off by stepping on the heel of the boot with the other boot, you’ll shorten their life considerably, and damaging the pad that protects the tendon at the heel can even lead to injury.

Establish good boot care habits like clapping your boots together to remove mud and turf, but make sure to strike them sole to sole. Don’t damage your uppers by striking them with the cleats on the other boot. Then use a stiff bristle brush to remove the remaining dirt. Don’t use a wire brush. It’s too hard on your boots, especially the uppers. Use natural bristle brushes, or polypropylene.

A Damp Cloth Is All You Need For Proper Boot Care

Continue your boot care by wiping down your boots with a damp cloth. You can always use a hand towel you’ve used during the match. There’s no need to add any sort of cleaning agent to this part of boot care. Many cleaning agents are too strong and will harm the leather uppers of your boots. If you’ve played in very muddy conditions, you can remove the last of the dirt with an old toothbrush.

Moisture Is The Enemy

As you play, your feet sweat and the inside of your boot will become damp even if your match is played in fair weather. It’s important for boot care that the inside of your boots stay dry, or mildew or mold can form and attack the leather --and your foot. Stuff old newspapers into your boots to keep them from curling as they dry, and soak up any moisture.

Too Much Heat Ruins Boots

Allow the boots to dry without exposing them to extreme heat. Leather uppers will become stiff and the glue that holds the seams together can crumble and lose its grip, and if you have a plastic soleplate, it can become brittle or twisted.

Once dry, finish your boot care by applying polish to the uppers if they’re leather to keep them supple and looking smart. Synthetic uppers generally only need cleaning and are naturally waterproof.