adidas Messi

Messi, Messi, Messi! The little Argentinian is in a league of his own - way above the rest. He sometimes seems to have supernatural skills. Maybe his own range of cleats, is the cause of this? If you look at the history of Messi boots where would he be without them?

During his early years in Barcelona Messi played without any shoe sponsor. He then used Nike. in 2006 Messi signed a contract with adidas, and started wearing the adidas F50 boot. As Messi isn't just a random play, he should play in a random cleat. That is why adidas has a range of unique shoes for Messi. With the latest edition, adidas and Messi takes us back to Rasario - where it all began. The boots are inspired by Messi's hometown, and he has decide on the colour himself.