Nike Phantom Vision

Nike Phantom Vision Football Boot

Introducing the Nike PhantomVSN also known as the Nike Phantom Vision. When thinking football boots, it is difficult not also to think Nike. With the lines of the Magista, Mercurial, Tiempo and Hypervernom it is clear that Nike is a synonym of innovation, and based on the PhantomVSN, it is clear that Nike continues their innovative mindset – this football boot is simply amazing!

So why is the Phantom Vision such a game changer? First thing first. Nike PhantomVSN has replaced the Nike Magista. Replacing one of the greatest football boots of all time, could seem like a bad idea. One thing is for sure, you’ll have to have some genius new ideas up in your sleeve. And that is exactly what Nike has.

As for the Nike Magista, the Nike PhantomVSN is the correct choice for the playmaker. The boot is focusing on providing the best possible conditions for controlling the game. The boot is all about vision, precision and instinct, which are some of the most important attributes for a Phantom player. Of course, it must also be said that the boot does not in any way exclude players from other positions on the field. Investigating the technology of the new Nike PhantomVSN, we immediately get blown away. Let’s have a look.


Nike has developed a new type of fit called Quadfit. Quadfit is conformed to fit more or less any foot, and at the same time, retain its shape. This is doable because it doesn’t have the stretch bias, which is typically seen in woven materials. The Quadfit is a clear update, as is makes sure that you don’t lose important steps, by sliding around your boots. Although the fit is not visible from the outside, do not get fooled - the impact is immediate on the inside.

The Ghost Lace System

Moving to the upper of the football boot, we get introduced to the Ghost Lace System. The Ghost Lace system is basically a lace-cover construction, which will offer you a clean contact with the ball and a concealed lockdown. The Ghost Lace system does not only provide a clean touch, but also gives you the possibility of lacing and tightening the boots as you please.

Nike Flyknit

Is one more hidden innovation in the Nike PhantomVSN and is designed to provide premium touch on the ball. The textured Nike Flyknit upper, gives you all the advantages you need on the pitch when shooting, passing or receiving the ball. This is truly genius. The Flyknit is only visible on the inside of the boot, and is basically a red triangle. But there is more to it than just a triangle. The red triangle covers the surface between 3 bones in the foot; the talus, the calcaneus, and the first metatarsal head. In “human” language, this basically means, the area marked with red is the most optimal area to control the ball.

FEA-informed traction pattern

Another change from the Nike Magista is the soleplate. Nike PhantomVSN comes with a Hyperprcision sole, called the FEA-informed traction pattern which allows you to make quick multidirectional cuts, leaving your opponents in confusion.

Nike Phantom Vision colourways

When it comes to the colourways, Nike again gives us a treat. The Nike PhantomVSN is released in two different colourways. One is made in the blackout and is part of the Stealth Ops Pack, which is made for the pre-season. The second colourway is a red and grey design, and is part of the Raised on Concrete Pack. Both colourways are super cool, and will make you stand our from the crowd.

Nike players and PhantomVSN

The long list of players playing in the Nike PhantomVSN include players like Kevin De Bruyne, Leon Goretzka, Philippe Coutinho and Frank Kirby. Knowing these players, must be a prof of content – The football boots is simply perfect for the playmaker. Get the Nike PhantomVSN at now – Always easy shopping and fast delivery.