Football socks

There’s a large number of factors to take into account. Consider the most desirable functions of your football socks. You want to avoid damage to your feet, as well as discomfort when playing and a build-up of moisture. Football socks also have a protective purpose, leaving your legs less vulnerable from cuts and bruises. Whilst you don’t want football socks so tight that they cut off blood flow, you need to make sure they aren’t too loose or baggy. With the right pair of socks, you can relieve sport pressure, keep your feet cool and avoid bad odour or bacteria growth.

A renowned brand of football socks include ‘Nike Vapor Crew’, with their sole cushioning and ankle padding design. The strong fabric is both long-lasting and comfortable, enabling your feet muscles to relax naturally. A special fabric called Dri-FIT prevents the excessive build-up of sweat. The ‘rib fit’ gives you extra grip and support. Nike’s football range is pricier than your average pair of standard socks - but you get what you pay for, and most footballers will value the advantages of quality over cost. The socks also come in a variety of colours to fit your team’s identity.

The Eastbay Evapor football socks will appeal to those who prefer tight-fitting shoes. Tightness around the heel gives a sense of control while the extra padding helps avoid the pains of lace-pressure. The Eastbay Evapor range are designed to keep your feet dry and steady, and are unlike many other design available on online. Eastbay also offers football athletes a sock design with a ribbed arch and extreme moisture-management abilities. Field testers for Eastbay’s socks include pro players Julio Jones and Keith Mosley

Ordering your socks online is an easy way to get them customized with your own name or name of your team. Managers can order wholesale football socks with individual player’s names to boost professionalism and good spirit amongst the team. Chose a pair which has a good grip when worn with shoes, accelerates the evaporation of sweat, reduces fatigue of the feet and allows you to feel in control. Compliment your football trainers with a pair of sock as stylish as they are comfortable.

The details matter when you’re in to win every game. Play like a pro with the right pair of football socks.