When you have had a minor injury or want to prevent injuries, then it is a good idea to use K-Tape. It can be purchased where it is pre-cut or in whole rolls, so you can get a whole pack which is adapted or you can adapt it your self. When you order it here at Unisportstore then you get breathable and comfortable tape, so it can be used for mostly all sports.

Do you want to prevent muscle tension and increase the blood flow, then this is possible by using K-Tape. This is some of the functions which the pro players are using in the big clubs and these are some of the function which you also will when using this tape. Vil du gerne bestille det samme tape som de bruger, er det lige her på Unisport.dk – du vælger det.

It has to be placed correctly and you have to follow the instruction which is found on the K-Tape. If you follow the instruction you will experience a better blood flow and you will have less muscle tensions and if you are slightly injured before a game, then you will not feel this during the game. Make it easy for yourself Gør det let for dig selv at bestille K-Tape, find ud af om det skal være en hel rulle, eller om du skal vælge en pakke, hvor det er forskåret – find dit K-Tape her.

If you never have tried this before, then it will be hard to believe that the K-Tape should have this effect on injuries. But there is a reason, pro player uses the K-Tape when the play. They get advice from top professional doctors, physiotherapists and sports masseurs. So it is not for fun that they choose to use it.