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      Nike Football Socks Grip Strike Light OTC - White/Black

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      Nike Football Socks Grip Strike Light OTC - White/Black

      To reach the full potential
      This is the force behind the development of the NikeGRIP technology. The sock has a anti slip solution, which secures that the player doesn't slip around in the football boot. Nike has developed the NikeGRIP sock with the vision of every detail counts, when talking about helping people reach their maximum level. One of the significant factors which can prevent an athlete to reach the maximum level is distractions. Therefore, Nike has decided to eliminate these distraction which can occur in the athletes' clothes, so the athletes can use their mind and body focused on their performance only, without any disturbing elements.

      With inspiration from the nature
      The NikeGRIP technology is developed with inspiration from the feet of the Gecko. The Gecko have thousands of small hairs, which makes them able to climb on vertical surfaces and also allowing them to have a grip on all kinds of surfaces. Nike uses ultra fine nano fibre, which gives even more contact areas between your foot, sock and the boot, than normal fibres. Furthermore, the socks have a mixture of nano fibres and traditional fibres, which are used during the manufacture of the the socks, because this gives a greater surface area. The development of the ultimate fibre on the socks are not the only thing which gives a perfect anti slip solution. To have the correct amount of grip different the correct places is also very important. To little grip may make you slip in the boot, while to much grip decreases your mobility. Therefore, the designers have increased the contact areas from the heel to the big toe, which is the line where the pressure is put along the foot. In reverse they also removed material from the areas where it wasn't necessary by adding the extra contact areas.

      A fit which keeps the foot stable while also having anatomically correct shock absorption
      The special sewing on the sock is clinging to the foot and holding the sock in place. On the heel an arrowhead pattern sewing secures that the sock forms around the heel and locks it in the sock. Around the mid foot the transverse sewing gives a close and nice fit, while the transverse sewing on the backside of the socks, by the Achilles tendon, secures that the sock following the dynamic movement in the area. In the areas where Nike has localized the pressure areas under the foot and added grip to, Nike also added zone shock absorption, so you are relieved and secured supreme comfort.