Nutramino Protein Bar Crispy Chocolate Brownie 64g

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Nutramino Protein Bar Crispy Chocolate Brownie 64g

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With the Cripy Chocolate Brownie protein bar, Nutramino have developed a bar for the person looking for something new and exciting in terms of protein for your training and restitution. You get 20 grams of protein, which your body needs after a workout, as well as a unique flavour and consistency.

The Crispy Chocolate Brownie bar has a core of protein with a chocolate flavour, covered with a crispy coating made of puffed soy beans mixed with a delicious soft caramel. A delightful and refreshing protein bar that will make your post training protein meal your favourite time of the day. The bar is for the person who works out and uses protein in connection with restitution, or for anyone looking for a protein rich alternative to your on the go snack. Perfect to bring with you in your training bag.

Use Enjoy it no more than 30 minutes after your workout as a restitution meal or as an everyday snack filled with protein.

Ingredients: Protein mix 25% (soy protein isolate, milk protein, hydrolysed collagen), caramel filling 18% (corn syrup, condensed milk, emulsifier: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, palm oil, invert sugar syrup, humectant: sorbitol, water, salt, sugar) , sugar, chocolate soy crisps 8% (soy protein, starch, fat cocoa powder), cocoa butter, whole milk powder, humectant glycerol, palm oil, cocoa mass, aromatic, non-fat cocoa powder 0.5%, caramel 0.4%, emulsifier: soy bean lecithins, filler: micro crystalline cellulose, palm oil. May contain traces of gluten, peanuts and other nuts.

Nutritional value per bar (64 g) Energy 1123 kj/268 kcal Fat: 11 g - saturated: 6,1 g Carbohydrates: 25 g - hereof sugar: 15 g Fibres: 0,3 g Protein: 20 g Salt: 0,32 g