Under Armour Spotlight football boots

  • • All new Under Armour collection!
  • • Synthetic upper - Weight: 209 grams
  • • Used by the superstar from Manchester United, Memphis Depay

Innovative Under Armour SpeedForm technology

Spotlight is designed with a synthetic upper and the innovative Under Armour SpeedForm technology, being a combination of different design elements on the boot. On the instep and across the middle section of the inside and on the heel area, an especially selected stretch material has been added. The zone covered by this stretch material has been carefully selected, that this placement allows for a more dynamic fit around the arch, due to the elastic properties of the material. The stretch material shapes to your foot's natural contours in such a way, that the boot ensures you a personal and comfortable fit. Also, the flexible and stretchable material ensures you get the best possible touch on the ball - due to your feet being closer to the ball. At the outside of the boot and in the front you will notice an asymmetrical design. This adds dynamic support and stability against lateral forces, when doing sharp turns and quick changes of direction.

One of a kind heel cap

An especially developed heel design, that is anatomically shaped and without seams ensures the best possible fit. The design makes the boot feel like an extension of your feet. The out sole and the stud configuration combined, provides you with an explosive acceleration, leaving your opponents in the dust. The insole has been equipped with traction pads. These has been placed at the front and in the middle in a pattern, so they follow the contact points of your feet - increasing the traction between boot and you, allowing for a skid proof design that provides you with more and better grip. This adds to a more efficient use of energy - enable you to achieve higher speeds and faster acceleration, giving you that all important competitive advantage.