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The Helsingin Jalkapalloklubi club, which simply also is known as HJK Helsinki, has almost spent their entire history in the top tier of Finnish football. HJK Helsinki might be considered as the most successful Finnish clubs in terms of winning championships titles, which they currently have done 27 times. Furthermore, the club have won 12 Finnish Cups and 5 Finnish League Cups. So are you a fan of the football club of Helsinki, then find your next HJK Helsinki shirt right here at Unisportstore.com

The HJK Helsinki shirt is a shirt which they have used for over almost a decade now. The regular colours have long been blue and white shirts, while the shorts and socks where blue. Throughout the decade the only thing which has been changed was a minor font change in the crest to modernize it a bit. So are you a loyal supporter or do you just like the HJK Helsinki shirt, then take a closer look here. Here at Unisportstore.com we have the HJK Helsinki shirt, you can even get print on it. Choose between getting your favourite player or even your own name and number, it's all up to you.