Glove Glu Goalkeeper Formula LIMITED EDITION

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Glove Glu Goalkeeper Formula LIMITED EDITION

(This product is unfortunately not available for customers outside of the European Union, due to customs issues.)

Glove Glue gives your old and new gloves a new life, improved grip and a better goal keeper experience.

You will simply experience that the grip of the glove will be increased due to the unique formula, which the Glove Glu has been made from. The Glove Glue can be used before or during the match, even for training. It also improves the glove during wet and dry conditions. This Limited Edition is made with the MEGAgrip formula, which gives you 25% more grip than the regular Glove Glu.

There is no goalkeeper glove which will not get pleasure of the Glove Glu LE and you can use it as much as you would like. When you have tried the Glu, then you can't understand why you haven't had this product in your bag much earlier.

Contain 120 ml.