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Made in Japan - Enjoy the Mizuno Wave technology

The Japanese are known for fine craftsmanship and quality football shoes. At Mizuno timeless design meets first class material and sophisticated technologies. The Mizuno Wave technology is placed around your heel and midfoot, where it gives you more stability around the ankle. Whenever you hit the ball, you put a larger pressure on your foot, because G-forces and your body weight bear down on your stand foot. The Wave technology relieves your feet, because the pressure is evenly distributed in the sole. This stabilizing and shock absorbing technology can not only be seen on the Wave Ignitus 4 or Morelia Neo, but also on the Morelia II - a lightweight football boot with a focus on natural speed, flexibility and a barefoot feeling.

The stylish shoes by Mizuno are absolutely convincing as training and competition shoes. The models of the brand with the wave are extra-light and a grippy outsole provides the necessary force. The material is also very breathable and it gives you a really comfortable feeling. This combination is responsible for maximum performance with Mizuno shoes.

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