Nike Roshe

If you are on the lookout for new cool pair of sneakers, then investing in a pair of Nike Roshe Run is a really good idea. Here at Unisport we are very proud to present a very wide selection of the Roshe Run model, so you can find exactly the model and colourway that fits your style.

Furthermore we have a wide selection of other Nike models, like the Nike Free and Nike Air Max and if you want to check them out, be our guest.

It is very cool that Nike’s sneakers are produced both for men and for women. There will therefore not be anyone, who is cheated out of an awesome pair of sneakers. The Nike Roshe Run is a simple, yet elegant shoe, where you can really sense that many hours of hard work have been put into the design.

In connection with this, it is worth noting the large contrast between the sole and upper, which gives a completely unique look. So if you are looking for a pair of good all­round sneaker, the Roshe Run will definitely be an excellent choice.

As the name also implies, the Nike Roshe Run can also be used for running. It is however not the world’s best running shoe, if you are the type that runs many miles, several times a week, or if you run in rugged terrain, like a trail run. First of all there isn’t much shock-absorbency in the shoe, so if you run too far, you will quickly feel the hard shocks through your body from the ground.

Secondly the sole isn’t intended for trail races, so you might, if you venture out in the tougher terrain, experience slipping around, as the shoe doesn’t get a hold of the ground. It is however perfect for you, if you run short distances inside the city, or in parks. There it really excels and will be an excellent choice.

It is however as an everyday sneaker the shoe has made its name, as it is incredibly nice to walk around in. So if you are a fan of good walks, then getting a pair of Roshe Run for that purpose sounds like a great idea.

There is a large difference in walking in a pair of shoes that are meant for it and a pair of regular sneakers with absolutely no support and shock­absorbency.

The shoe sits incredibly comfortably to your foot. It has a super good fit, so it almost feels like you aren’t wearing a pair of shoe at all. It is produced in many different models – among them also the NM model, which you can also find on our site. It stands for Natural Motion, which means it is very nice to run in.

You get a minimalistic shoe without too much technology, which makes for a good and natural performance.With a pair of Nike Roshe Run laced around your feet you can be sure your feet have optimal breathability.

The shoes upper is made from an extremely breathable material, which makes it incredibly comfortable for your feet. This is also the case if you exercise in the shoes, which means you avoid your feet becoming too hot. Nike have really done a nice and solid piece of work.

This also means that even though the shoe isn’t well suited for long runs, you can still use it for physical activity, like for example fitness and crossfit. If you are on the lookout for a new pair of gym shoes, then the Roshe Run will be an excellent choice. You are not as dependent on the springiness of the shoe in the gym, as you are when running. Furthermore it sits tightly to your foot and for that reason it is a delight to use for tough physical activities like crossfit.

An extra function the shoe has, which further improves its appeal in the gym, is that it has great support. Especially around the ankle, which is a key area, as it reduces the chance you have of twisting your ankle. And all it takes is having twisted your ankle once, for you to know how painful it can be. It is an injury you may have to struggle with for quite a while. So by picking a pair of Nike Roshe Run you can help reduce the risk of this happening.

So all in all, with the Nike Roshe Run shoe you are ensured a pair of super nice sneakers, which can be used in all situations, whether it is everyday use, partying, or as a solid gym shoe, which is also well suited for short runs and crossfit. You can naturally also go for the safe bet and use shoe for all the above mentioned purposes and if you are not the long distance runner-type, then it is really all you need.

You will only ever need one pair of shoes – that’s the Nike Roshe Run.